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  • 1. How can I make a reservation? +

    1. You can make your booking online on www.kisacar.com www.kisacar.com
    2. You can make your booking by phone on +34 950 65 10 39 or +34 635 53 93 25
    3. Fill in the form that you will find in this website http://www.kisacar.com/en/contact
  • 2. Is my reservation confirmed? +

    1. If your booking is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email to the address provided.
  • 3. Should I pay something in advance to confirm the booking? +

    1. No, you don’t have to pay anything in advance to confirm your booking.
  • 4. How do I cancel my booking? +

    1. You can contact us on the telephone number 950 65 10 39 or send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 6. What is the minimum period that I can rent a vehicle for? +

    1. The minimum period you can rent a vehicle is for 24 hours. The days count each full 24 hours.
  • 5. Do I have to pay something for canceling my reservation? +

    1. No, you don’t. Just inform us as soon as possible to provide that car to another customer.
  • 7. Can I choose the car model? +

    1. You can choose the group or category, we can’t guarantee availability for a particular model. However, we will give you a better car, without extra cost, in case we don’t have available the car you reserved.
  • 8. Can I choose the type of fuel to use my car? +

    1. We can’t guarantee the type of fuel. However, if you make your booking in advance, we will do everything to get it.
  • 9. Can I extend my rental period? +

    1. Yes, you can if there isn’t another booking for your vehicle on the same date.
  • 10. What documents are required to rent a car? +

    1. Driver license (no expired), Passport (no expired), Credit Card(no expired)
  • 11. What is the minimum age to drive a Kisacar vehicle? +

    1. Drivers must be at least 25 years old and have held a driving license for more than 24 months.
  • 12. Can I book a baby or booster seat? +

    1. Yes. You can either pre book it during the rental booking process online or upon arrival at the collection office, as we are usually readily available.
  • 13. Is there any insurance policy included in the rental price? +

    1. The basic insurance is always included (CDW). When you collect the vehicle, you will be able to contract the full cover option.
  • 14. Can I get full cover insurance without excess? +

    1. Yes. The fee to extend your level of cover will vary depending on the rental period and the type of vehicle.
  • 15. Can I pick up the car to my house, my hotel or elsewhere? How much is it? +

    1. Yes, we take you the car wherever you need. This service is completely free at Almería Airport, Almería Intermodal Train Station, Hotel (Within City) and address (Within City).
  • 16. Can I return the vehicle to a different office than it was collected from? +

    1. Yes. At certain places you are allowed to collect the vehicle in one place and return it to another. If you want to select a different place to return your vehicle, please state so during the booking process.
  • 17. At the Almeria airport. Where I pick my rental car? +

    1. You only have to cross the arrivals terminal, go outside and just in front, next to the public parking cash machine, we will be waiting for you with a banner with your name.

    Look at the picture below to find easily.

         aeropuertoesperaEN     aeropuertoespera2EN

  • 18. At the Almeria Intermodal train station. Where I pick my rental car? +

    1. We will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals hall with a banner with your name.

    Look at the picture below to find easily.

         estacionesperaEN     estacionespera2EN

  • 19. Can we book an additional driver? +

    1. Yes. You can book up to three additional drivers, and it must be indicated at the collection office. When collecting your vehicle, all drivers must be present and produce valid documentation.
  • 20. Can I request an invoice for the service? +

    1. Yes. When finished the rent, we will send you an invoice copy by email.

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Credit Card

  • 1. Do I need a credit card to rent a vehicle? +

    1. We need a credit card as rental warranty. You must present the credit card when collecting the vehicle, must be valid and the name of the principal driver.
  • 2. Will it be retained some amount on my credit card? +

    1. If you have a credit card, we will retain € 100 as collateral for fuel. At the end of the rental, if you return full tank of fuel, it will make the refund of this amount on the spot.
  • 3. I don’t have any credit card, just debit card. Can I rent a vehicle? +

    1. Yes, you can. In this case, we must retain a mandatory amount on your debit card depending on the type of vehicle.
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  • 1. Should I pay fuel in advance at the time of pick up my vehicle for? Do you force me to leave it empty? +

    1. No, you don’t have to pay any fuel in advance. We rent you the car full of petrol, and you can return it full of petrol again with no charge. You will enjoy Fair policy petrol Full-Full.
  • 2. If I leave the car with less gasoline, what happens? +

    1. Kisacar will only charge you the used fuel. No hidden charges.
  • 3. How much it cost this petrol? +

    1. Kisacar will use the market price at the time of refueling the car.
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Assistance and security

  • 1. What covers my insurance policy in the rental price? +

    1. All rates include collision damage waiver (CDW), and roadside assistance 24 hours.
  • 2. What happens if I become immobilized by breakdown on the road? +

    1. Do not worry about anything; assistance 24 hour that gives our insurance company will assist you in any case.
  • 3. Does the vehicle has triangles and yellow safety vest? +

    1. Yes. All vehicles include inside two triangles and one yellow safety vest.
  • 4. Can I drive from Spain to another country? +

    1. This service must be consulted before making your reservation.
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